Saturday, 2 September 2017

How to Fix a Clogged Ink Cartridges

There are times when a printer does not get utilized for a very long time. This will result in one of the common issues of clogging that I the reason behind the inconsistent print outputs. The reason behind clogging can also be due to the ink cartridge getting exposed to air when they are removed from the printer. However, if such a case occurs, before you think about replacing the cartridge, it would be better to see whether it's clogged or not.

However, in most of the cases, it is the clogging of the cartridges that need to be fixed so that they can work in the best possible manner. Below are some of the ways by which you can successfully fix a clogged ink cartridge.

Remove the Cartridge & Locate the Print Head

According to the model of your printer, you will have to use the proper method for removing the cartridge. However, in most of the cases by just opening the lid and lifting the cartridge out will be enough. Now you will have to locate the print head from where the ink is ejected out of the cartridge. Just dry off any of the crusty or dried ink with the help of a soft cloth.

Use a Moistened Soft Lint Cloth

For wiping off the print head area, it would be best to make use of moist lint cloth. It is advised to moist the cloth with distilled water as the normal water might consist of the mineral deposits. Just take care that the wet cloth is only used on the print head and not anywhere else like the nozzle plate.

Run the Print Head Cleaner Utility Software

Even after following the above approach you are not able to see a consistency in your print jobs then it is better to run the print head cleaner utility software. This software comes with the printer and might prove to be useful for fixing the clogging issue. However, if you still cannot get rid of the clogging issue then follow the below methods.

Submerge the Print Head in Warm Water

You will have to fill a small bowl with some warm water. Just fill that much water which will cover the print head. In case the cartridges are completely clogged then it is recommended to use a solution that consists of equal quantities of water and ammonia. Make the toner cartridge stand in the water-ammonia solution with the print head completely dipped into it. Now soak the cartridge so that the water cools down. Finally, dry it by using a soft cloth and insert it into the printer.

In The End

All the steps which are mentioned in this article are the best ways of fixing the clogging issue of an ink cartridges. All these are quite efficient and simple ways to keep an ink cartridge functioning properly for a very long time. In most of the cases, as soon as the cartridge starts malfunctioning users feel that it's the time to replace the cartridge. However, before investing in a new cartridge it is better that you follow the above-mentioned steps and make your cartridge clog free. 


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